Confirm or cancel, wait, switch that

A button, much like any other, can do impeccable things. It can be used to complete wondrous tasks, and look snazzy doing it. But, what if we have a confirm and cancel button side by side? What side does the confirm button go on? Well that’s the pointless design tip I’m going to tell you […]

Beginner programming tips I wish I were taught

Howdy folks. Starting a programming career is an exciting and terrifying time. Complicated logic with an abundance of keywords can make anyone turn tail and run. But not you. No, you are going to make it. Why? Because I’m gonna tell you some things that I wish I knew before I started. I hope this […]

Binance tip

Hey guys If your having an issue with purchasing crypto on binance because of your bank, I have a solution. Instead of buying coins directly with your card, use usdt tokens. I have no idea why but the purchase of usdt is not stopped by banks. I am assuming that this is because it is […]