Confirm or cancel, wait, switch that

A button, much like any other, can do impeccable things. It can be used to complete wondrous tasks, and look snazzy doing it. But, what if we have a confirm and cancel button side by side? What side does the confirm button go on? Well that’s the pointless design tip I’m going to tell you today.

Confirm on the right and cancel on the left

This way makes me smile 🙂

This is going to sound nit picky, but the button should be on the right side. Because we scan things from left to right, our eyes will first go to the cancel button and then to the confirm button.

But wouldn’t we want the confirm button to be seen first?


Not really.

If the confirm button is on the left side, we will look at it first, and then the cancel button. I believe we, as humans, scan every button because we are trying to see all options before making a decision. This means, if we are trying to click confirm, we must move our eyes back to the left.

Now let’s put the cancel button on the left and the confirm button on the right.

We scan across the options, and the last one we see is the one we want. Now our users can finally have the peace they have been longing for.

Does this even matter

Not at all. But, this is why most websites and apps order the cancel and confirm buttons in this way. Seriously, check it out for yourself. And personally, I like the confirm button on the right. Why? Because that’s what everyone else does and I’m a sucker for peer pressure.

Thanks for coming to my tutorial on pointless design tips.

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